About Us

Making our house and home grow bigger and bigger by sharing it with a verity of different people from all walks of life.

Our community is full of people from all different backgrounds, from places far in the north like Hokkaido as well as people from the south like Australia. Work can be a hard place to forge friendships but a share mates can lead to a fast friendship that can last a life time.

Imagine over sleeping and you’re late for work, as you walk to open your door you are surprised to see Masa (Japanese) at your door about to check on you. After a friendly good morning you see Hans (Swedish) and Jane (Chinese American) in the living room, a house full of friends from all over the world. Building friendships with your share mates is a wonderful experience.

The opportunity to live with people from other nations with diverse back grounds can be an eye opening experience. Learn about yourself and others by sharing one another customs and help one another view the world in a new way.

ワ=W: from Wonderful world.
話= Kanji for talking: from talking.
わ: from laugher.

A lot of amazing things can happen because of the mixture of different people from various background. Here at Come on UP we enjoy the sharing of ideas that bring people closer together.

Company Info

Company NameCome on UP, Ltd.
CEOYasuko Nagase
Address3-34-1 Kichijoji-Minamicyo Musashino Tokyo 180-0003 
TEL: 03-3760-1392
FAX: 03-4333-7572
Osaka Office1-19-10 Miyahara Yodogawa-ku Osaka-shi Osaka 532-0003 
Shi-Osaka Excel Building  7F
TEL: 06-6836-9915
Main BusinessOperating and managing Share Houses
New business development support
Capital10,000,000 yen

Contact : info@comeonup-house.com