Move-in Date Flexible Plan for with / after COVID-19

For those who wishes to move to Japan (or within Japan), but the actual day you can act will be depend on COVID-19 situation, you can still move forward! You can secure some place to live before knowing your exact date to move in.

This plan is suitable for situations like: I have been wanting to live in Japan, I want to change jobs, I want to try in a different environment from now, I want to live in a community where people interact.


With COVID-19 global pandemic, it is hard to decide what exactly to do, but you can still make some action to prepare.  With or after Corona, our new way of life will start. With the Move-in Date Flexible Plan,  you can set or change the move-in date anytime for one year!




We will give remote guidance

Apply with your preferred area to live

Screening the application

Contract: Pay only deposit of 30,000 yen

Please let us know when your arrival to Japan (or to the area) is set.

We will finalize your room (1-2 weeks before the arrival)



If you would like to apply or want to hear more about it, please contact us!


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