Come on UP at Kyoto University’s festival!

On Saturday, October 24, on a cool mid-autumn day, a few of our Come on UP staff members and residents attended the school festival of Kyoto university. We participated in this festival by joining a flea market and selling second-hand and handmade stuff.


For this event we invited two volunteer staff. Our first volunteer contacted us through our social media and she showed a lot of interest in volunteering at the flea market at Kyoto university. She brought a lot of her handmade clothing and accessories that were made out of old kimono’s. She had created bags, chopstick bags, clothing, scarfs and much more! Nevertheless, these unique items were a hit!


Another volunteer staff that volunteered to join us during the festival is a caricature artist. This man participated in last year event as well, but this year his work became very popular during the festival among the students.


It definitely was a great day and I hope the students enjoyed themselves as well! Japanese universities have a lot of festivals and I would love to visit more of them!

For now I would like to thank all the people who helped us during the festival! Hope to see you again next year!


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