Contoh Soal Tune 5 : Rain and you may Tears

Contoh Soal Tune 5 : Rain and you may Tears

Is anyone online? Do some body pay attention or proper care any longer? The audience is living to the a dying entire world, We’re killing everything which is alive, And you may anybody who tries to reject it Wears a tie

And will get paid off so you’re able to sit And so i penned such music to possess a passing planet, I am sorry however, I’m telling the scenario, As well as for everybody looking to save they These songs is to own your, too. Is anyone nowadays?

sixteen. What kind of planet is we lifestyle today? An effective. Dying Entire world B. a beneficial globe C. stunning world D. nice world Elizabeth. lovely world

The author ‘s got their presumption out-of his companion D

17. Who happen to be individuals who refuse they own murdered lifestyle anything? An effective. People who don a wrap and now have repaid so you can lie B. Individuals who tune in you to song C. Those who real time around the musician D. people who work in the town Elizabeth. people who offer tie and T-top

18. “And becomes repaid so you can rest”. The word “gets paid down” setting…. Good. Get paid to possess functions completed B. Pay anyone C. buy with money D. sell with reasonable prices Elizabeth. give entirely

19. To have which do the latest vocalists wrote you to tune? A good. Into the passing away entire world B. For all of us available C. For many who bust your tail D. for individuals who data hard Elizabeth. to have whatever was a live

20. Why does the new artist feel sorry? Good. Because the the guy says to the case B. Just like the he will not be honest C. Since the the guy lays D. As the he can perhaps not cam Elizabeth. Because he works on the globe

Precipitation and you will tears all the same In the sunlight you have to tackle the video game After you shout when you look at the winter season Your can not imagine, it’s simply the brand new rain

How many times I have seen Rips via their blue-eyes Precipitation and you will tears yet However in the sun you reached play the games Promote an answer of like We you prefer an answer out of love

Rain and you will tears under the sun But in your own cardiovascular system your feel the precipitation this new surf Precipitation and you will tears both for found To own inside my cardiovascular system there will probably not be a sunlight Precipitation and you can rips the same In sunlight you’ve play the game

21. What type of your own following the statements are required contained in this tune? A great. The brand new writer’s spouse snacks your better. B. The writer’s partner usually conveys the lady sadness C. Mcdougal of the track feels sure together with love. Elizabeth. Mcdougal feels one to his love tale get a happy ending.

22. “Precipitation and you can rips for both shown. To possess in my own center there may never be a sunrays”. The word “my personal center there will never be a sun” ensures that mcdougal…. An effective. often getting sure in the cardiovascular system B. are always getting unfortunate C. gets their cardio become having brilliant lives D. will become very faithless throughout the day Elizabeth. becomes extremely worn out all their lifestyle

23. The word “rain” within this tune describes ….. A. trip go out B. springtime go out C. winter months D. summertime Elizabeth. wet year time

Contoh Soal Song six : Outdoors

For hours I’ve been to the And you will I’ve had an impact I’m caught up between your walls And within the threshold I’m a beneficial section away from tune And you may I’m applying for back Back to brand new chill, chill sky where the sun are shinning Nothing’s likely to prevent me personally It’s all from the timing It’s in the long run again my personal turn It is the right time to return ‘Trigger I will not sit in to the no further

Not any longer I am unable to waiting commit Outdoors Well open up the door and become anything like me Open up your own door and you can up coming inhale 100 % free And look at every beauty you’ll feel Cherished, loved, liked, enjoyed Tune in to the songs of breeze while the brides play We’re an individual huge loved ones And all of nature may be worth becoming Treasured, adored, cherished, appreciated, Liked