Q & A

What is the feature of Come on UP’s share house?

This share house is based on the concept that while autonomous people live together, they are places where they mutually influence and grow.

Are there any rules for the share house life?

The following are 3 general guidelines to living comfortably in a shared environment: 1. Self-management, 2. Respect for neighbours, 3. Care for the house.

Is it OK to have friends over?

Basically we like to meet friends. But please respect time, frequency, noise level etc.  Friends are welcome to the house, but please be considerate and pay attention to duration, number of people, frequency, etc. Guests’ behaviour are the sole responsibility of the host.

Can I have a friend stay the night??

Yes, if they sleep in your room. Due to security and utility costs, stays are limited to a 2 week period maximum, for special cases please contact us. (If your guest stays more than two weeks, two weeks and visit often if you have more than once)

Can there be two people living in one room?

Rooms are private, so the addition of another person is not possible.

Can I install a shelf in the room?

Remodeling of the house or your room is not permitted without permission. Please consult us beforehand.

Can I smoke in my room?

Smoking is not allowed in the room, nor anywhere indoors.

Can I keep a pet in the house?

No, not without permission. Please contact us in advance.

Can I travel away for a long time, and leave the room empty?

If you will be away for more than 1 month, for security purposes please let us know in advance.