Halloween party at the Kita-Ikebukuro haunted share house

I am very happy to say that Come on UP finished Halloween with a bang! The Tokyo office of Come on UP held a special edition haunted share house party in their Kita-Ikebukuro share house, of which by coincidence is the share house I live in! Everyone who wanted to join the party was more than welcome on one condition: you have to bring something to keep the party going. As this was the only condition to participate, the amount of people that came was a lot more than we expected!!


Over 30 people came to the party and everyone was dressed in a costume and had brought either a delicious snack or a beverage for everyone to enjoy. Of course we did not only limit our party to adults, we had some children over as well. According to their parents they had the time of their lives.

As everyone was dressed in costumes it was only natural to also have a costume competition. Therefore at the end of the party we (Come on UP Tokyo staff) decided that the winners of the competition were the children. I mean look at their costumes aren’t they adorable?

The party did not only exist of Come on UP staff, there were tenants from other share houses, people who are interested in living in a share house, people interested in Come on UP and last but not least lots and lots of friends of the participants!

To top everything off, the police came to end the party! If that doesn’t count as a successful party then i don’t know what is. I just really want to thank everyone for participating and bringing their friends and something to the table. I am very happy to still hear positive things about the party from various people that attended the party and I hope to see everyone again at the next party! It was a BLAST thank you!

Did my story make you interested in living in a share house? If you are not sure yet but there is a little flame of interest please visit our website, Facebook or Instagram for our events, pictures of events and actual share house experiences!




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