Kyoto Arashiyama: Beautiful landscapes and shrines

Share house atmosphere

Our share house near Arashiyama has a very laid back atmosphere.

You can sit on the sofa or unwind in one of the large bathrooms, where you will be able to relax and unwind in comfort. It is a large house with a large living room with a chandelier.

There are jogging and bicycle trails along the nearby Katsura River, so this house is also recommended for active people. There is also a Comment on Come on Up Staff member from America whos In addition, there is also a Japanese man living there who is interested in different cultures! This house is an amazing space to improve yourself both mentally, physically and spiritually.


Hankyu Matsuo-Taisha Station is a 6-minute walk away, and it takes about 15 minutes to Kyoto(Kawaramachi) and 45 minutes to Osaka(Umeda). And it takes 15 minutes to Kyoto University(Katsura Campus) by bicycle.

Come check out the house sometime !.



Rent list

Room numberAvailabilityRoom typeSizeRent
201JapanWestern12sq m50,000yen
202KoreaWestern7.2sq m48,000yen
301VacantWestern9.6sq m49,000yen
302JapanJapanese711.2sq m48,000yen
303VacantJapanese11.2sq m55,000yen
304VacantWestern7.2sq m38,000yen
305IndiaWestern10.4sq m46,000yen
306JapanWestern11.2sq m55,000yen
307JapanWestern7.2sq m46,000yen



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