Come on UP Osaka Awaji 4.4.2020 Brand New Open!

4.4.2020 Brand New Open!

★★Promotion Now! 4,4,2020 NEW OPEN ★★
9 minutes walk from JR Awaji and Hankyu Awaji Station!
We will open a new share house in a convenient place where you can easily go to Umeda and Kawaramachi without transferring! !
Since it is a new open, community and space creation is coming ♪
If you put a step in the old private house … a new share life that combines Japanese style and modern! !



Washing machine 

Combi Microwave 

Rice cooker 



Vacuum cleaner


from nearest station

JR Osaka Higashi Line JR Awaji st, Hankyu Kyoto line Awaji st 5 minutes by foot

from main stationto

JR Shin Osaka -7mins! to Hankyu Osaka Umeda 9mins!

surrounding area



Rent list

Room numberAvailabilityRoom typeSizRent
101VacantWestern12.8sq m53,000yen
102GermanWestern10.4sq m46,000yen
103VecantJapanese14.88sq m50,000yen
104JapanWestern16sq m51,000yen
201VacantWestern8sq m50,000yen
202VacantJapanese12.8sq m51,000yen
203VacantWestern15.36sq m54,000yen
204VecantWestern17.6sq m52,000yen
205VacantJapanese30.4sq m73,000yen



  1. Osaka Miyakojima: Humming carols in the park

  2. Toyonaka Osaka : Traditional Japanese Share House

  3. Shin-Osaka: A share house within a building “AKA”

  4. Osaka Senriyama 2: Highly elegant and stylish

  5. Osaka Midoribashi: Grand and very spacious

  6. Come on UP Toyonaka Sakura

  7. Osaka Senriyama: Classic Japanese house with garden

  8. Osaka Shin-Osaka 8: Messages on a black board “SOLA”