Osaka Senriyama: Classic Japanese house with garden


A bustling college town sit nearby, and a sprawling park a short walk away running trails, horseback riding and opportunities for barbequing and more. This house is located between three train stations, making it very convenient.


The house is very large and has two floors. Japanese and Western style rooms are both available, as well as one room with a built-in kitchen. As you venture towards the center of the house, you encounter a charming mini-garden where you Most of the house is naturally shaded, keeping things cool inside in the summer. It is an amazing feeling to take a deep breath of fresh air and relax in your own house close to some of the can. most popular areas in Japan.


Fully loaded kitchen 

cable flat screen TV 

wireless internet 

washing machine 

car parking space 

bicycle parking area



Floor map

Rent list

Room numberAvailabilityRoom typeSizeRent
101VacantWestern13.28sq m52,000yen
102VacantWestern8sq m48,000yen
103FranceWestern10.88sq m48,000yen
105JapanWestern8sq m
106ChinaJapanese12.8sq m
201VacantWestern12.8sq m53,000yen
202VacantWestern9.6sq m48,000yen



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