Eifukucho: International sharehouse – pleasant Japanese style courtyard

There are many shops around Eifukucho Station, so you don’t have to worry about your shopping needs, so you can enjoy the traditional Japanese atmosphere just by walking. The Kanda River is nearby and the riverside is a great walking and cycling course! There is also a small shrine.


Locating in Shibuya’s neighbour area, in between Kichijoji – Shibuya. Conveniently access to central of Tokyo: Shibuya, Shinjuku, Kichijoji, Mitaka, Meidaimae (10 – 15 mins), and easy to approach tourist spots. Still, the town is very peaceful and calming for residents. Eifuku-cho is comfortable but still known as the international town because of the several international restaurants available from Italian pizza to a German “Weiss” Beer (white beer) that is also surrounded by a lot of greenery.


Eifukucho share house is unique since the house has been renovated from a traditional Japanese home. Therefore, the house has a lot of traditional Japanese elements mixed with modern architecture. The spacious and open living room (around 15 tatami mats) gives it a modern feel despite living in a traditional house.

It is made of solid wood and is filled with sunlight. The new island counter creates a focal point in the kitchen-living space area in which everyone can gather and share stories while enjoying some food. There is also a courtyard with a veranda which is full of beautiful greenery. You can experience the four seasons and forget you are living in busy Tokyo.

For those who enjoy traditional Japanese architecture and those who want to experience how tradition merges with modernity, we recommend Come on UP Eifukucho house to you.


Come on UP sharehouses have weekly cleaning routines shared among housemates. There is an opportunity to discuss cleaning and house rules at the monthly house meeting with a house manager. Communication is always active. The sharehouse has a LINE group so housemates can keep in touch.

The housemates are friendly. They get drinks together. They also have a close relationship with the two other sharehouses in the area. Since the other houses are only a few minutes away by foot, sometimes there would be house parties. This is a sharehouse where you can meet various people, have fun and discover new things.


  • Fully loaded kitchen 
  • Flat TV and gadgets in the living room
  • Wireless internet and Cables
  • Bathroom, lavatory and washing machine
  • Extra storage spaces
  • Bicycle parking area
  • Indoor Garden


From nearest stations:

  • Shimotakaido station (Keio line) 7 min walk;
  • Eifukucho station (Keio Inokashira line) 8 min walk

From main:

  • Shibuya station (13 min);
  • Shinjuku station (15 min);
  • Ikebukuro station (30 min)

Surrounding area:

  • 4 min walk to convenience store, 8 walk min to supermarket, shops, restaurants and bars

Resident’s blogs:

 ” 宴のあと “

 ” ごみすてとか “

 ” かつてアノ人が住んでいた “

Another share house in the neighborhood:




Floor map

Floor map – Eifuku share house


Rent list

Room numberAvailabilityRoom typeSize(jo)Rent(yen)
101Australia Japanese10.080,000



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