Fukagawa: New open in 2019! Good Old Town area’s share house

Locating in a residental area where is very convenient for shopping as there is a small shopping street, a hundred-yen shop, and a supermarket just right away. Kiba Park and the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum are both within walking distance. You will find it relaxing to be surrounded by natural views in the neighbor. The view of Sky Tree every morning while commuting will brighten your day. 


This house is recently renovated with a fairly simple design, providing a stillness in the atmosphere. Rooms are various in both compact and medium-size, some of them are designed with large windows where the bright sunshine just flow far in. A cozy kitchen and a multifunctional dining room also fulfill the socialization of housemates as they often gather together for home-cooked meals!


Come on UP’s monthly share house meeting is led by the house manager in charge of that share house. During the meeting, there are chances for housemates to bond their relationship while living in a shared house, and it has always been fun. The house chores are also done well by the cooperation of tenants, and regardless of nationalities, they are harmoniously creating a peaceful house.


  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Bathroom and Lavatories
  • Flat TV  
  • Wireless Wi-fi and cables
  • Parking lot


From nearest stations:

  • Sumiyoshi station (Tokyo metro Hanzomon Line – 16 min walk)
  • Toyocho station (Tokyo metro Tozai Line – 17min walk)

From main stations:

  • 10 mins on train to Tokyo station, Shibuya

Surrounding area

3mins walk to the supermarket and convenience store, 10mins walk to the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and Kiba Park, 10mins bus ride to Kinshicho station


Floor Map


Rent list

Room numberAvailabilityRoom typeSize(jo)Rent(yen)



  1. Sumiyoshi: International house in the ancient Tokyo’s downtown!

  2. Kami-kitazawa: The mix of traditional and modern style – Great access to Shinjuku & Shibuya!

  3. Myogadani: Elegant town of Bunkyo Ward

  4. Asakusa(Kuramae): Cultural downtown of folks

  5. Todoroki: Artistry traditional Japanese house

  6. Come on UP KiKi Ogikubo: ✩Eco Sharehouse✩ Green living space inside Tokyo.

  7. Come on UP Nishi Eifuku: Modest but full of charm

  8. Monzen-nakacho: Historical spot – the heart of Tokyo.

  9. Yukigaya: Stylish triangle brick-made share house – Great access to Gotanda and Kamata area