Enishi: Historical downtown with many beautiful waterways @ Kyoto Fushimi

Emotions drifting through downtown Fushimi

Tourists from all over the world are attracted to the brewery tour.

Shopping streets nearby attracts many shoppers, with a variety of selling stores.

Enjoy the view of the landscape and these shopping streets on your way from the station every day.

With the notorious Ronin-era ‘Teradaya’ nearby to explore, you can really experience remnants from the Edo period.

Come on here! Fushimi Momoyama also has a wide selection of delicious restaurants, which you won’t want to miss out on.

Easy access to neighboring prefectures

Kyoto Station is only 13 minutes away from the nearest station.

Because of this, it is easy to commute to the center of the city. Those who wish to can reach the heart of Kyoto easily from this share house! Other points of interest are as include:

JR Osaka station (only 50 minutes away).

Kintetsu Nara station (about 40 minutes away).

This share house also provides you easy access to other prefectures in the Kansai area. You can easily enjoy all of Kansai from here!

In the environ

At walking distance, there is a convenience store, a supermarket, a laundry Room, a 100 yen shop, a post office, and countless of eateries. There is a shopping center with arcade.


There are two stations nearby.
Kintetsu “Fushimi Goryomae Station” 8 minutes
Keihan “Fushimi-Momoyama Station” 7 minutes

Recommended spot

* Teradaya
You cannot say no, as a history lover. The buildings have been rebuilt from what was lost during the Battle of Toba-Fushimi, which is an iconic showdown in the Edo period.
Some buildings still have some scratches from the swords the samurai used back then.

* Brewery
There are two well known breweries.
1. Laurels Okura Museum
2. Kizakura Kappa Country
These breweries have been attracting many tourists, asyou can witness the origin and have a taste of the liquor. In the neighbourhood, there’s also a large wine cellar from the old days, which gives you a great impression of the history in the streets.


 Refridgerator/ Washing machine /Microwave /Rice cooker /Television/ 

Wi-Fi /Vacuum cleaner


from nearest station

Keihan 「Fushimimomoyama」 7 minute walk.

from main station

Kyoto station 13 minutes away

surrounding area

Ohtesuji Shopping street/The nearest

Convenience store : 1minute



Floor map

Rent list

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  2. Nishi-Yokohama: Charming house of Green and Sunlight scenic

  3. Osaka Senriyama: Classic Japanese house with garden

  4. Kyoto Yamashina: Life with a garden

  5. Toyonaka Osaka : Traditional Japanese Share House