Komazawa-daigaku: International house in young lively town, Shibuya in cycling distance.

The urban area nearby Shibuya, modern, convenient and fancy town of Setagaya.


Setagaya is known as a town for a comfortable city living area inside the center of Tokyo. Easy access to Shibuya, Sangenjaya, Shimokitazawa, and popular areas in Setagaya with diverse commuting means, trains, bicycles, or even walk.

Komazawa Daigaku Station represents a modern living style, where the lining of shops, restaurants, convenience stores, drug stores, bento or ramen shops, and public parks, all are just a few steps away. However, our Komazawa House is in a quiet residential area, which is perfect for long term living.


This house has a big entrance area, overlooking the spacious living room and kitchen. This welcoming atmosphere allows housemates to enjoy their lives to the fullest. The house is supplied with a range of utensils and cooking supplies, a washing machine, vacuum cleaner, cable TV, a projector, wireless internet, etc. There is a full bathroom on the first floor and lavatories on both floors.。


Currently, there are housemates with different occupations from Australia, America, and Japan. Many are interested in English and Japanese culture. The charm of this house is its international atmosphere. The house can provide a lifestyle full of fun housemates who have different jobs and interests! Because there is a projector in the living room, they often watch movies and videos together.

At the monthly house meeting led by the house manager, housemates can discuss the distribution of cleaning duties and house rules over dinner. We can all catch up on each other’s lives. You can join the house LINE group chat with other housemates and the house manager.

Come on UP and check out the house!


  • Renovated kitchen 
  • Large projector and TV
  • Cable and wireless internet 
  • Washing machine 
  • Car & Bicycle parking space 


From nearest stations:

  • Komazawa Daigaku 8 min walkfrom

Access to main stations:

  • Shibuya 3 stops from Komazawadaigaku

Surrounding area

8 minutes to the grocery store, Uniqlo, Book off, Restaurants, Cafes, Drug stores…



Rent list

Room numberAvailabilityRoom typeSize(jo)Rent(yen)



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