Osaka Miyakojima: Humming carols in the park

What a great atmosphere!!

A great location between Tenjin Bridge and Miyakojima station.
The Yodogawa River is very close. It is refreshing to wake up to birds chirping and clean air.

There is a lot of people who enjoy BBQing, picnics, people who enjoy fishing, and the person who is running and walking.
It is perfect for those who want to enjoy a bike with a cycling road.

Today, the house has a wide variety of people, including students who are willing to be legal professions, school teachers, teachers living with is the bright space that the light shines in the entire house, and you have your own room to relax. .

We love cooking and sharing our experiences!

The bus stop is located in an easy to know place. Access
It is convenient to Go to Umeda by bus or bicycle in 15 minutes


Fully loaded kitchen including a refrigerator 

rice cookers and a microwave oven 

a flat screen cable TV wireless internet 

washing machine 

car parking space 

bicycle parking area


 from nearest station

5 min walk to Kemabashi bus stop, 20 min walk to Tenjinbashisuji-Rokuchome station (Sakaisuji line/Tanimachi line/Hankyu-Senri line), 20 min walk to Miyakojima station (Tanimachi line)
Bicycle parking campaign!:Details

from main station

Umeda station (15 min by bus)

surrounding area

Yodogawa riverbed, Nakazakicho and Umeda are within biking distance



Floor map

Rent list

Room numberAvailabilityRoom typeSizeRent
201JapanJapanese12sq m52,000yen
202VacantJapanese12sq m55,000yen
301JapanWestern11.84sq m59,000yen
302JapanWestern11.84sq m56,000yen
303VacantWestern15.84sq m59,000yen
304JapanWestern7.36sq m39,000yen
305CanadaJapanese12.8sq m59,000yen



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  5. Shin-Osaka: A share house within a building “AKA”

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  7. Osaka Senriyama 2: Highly elegant and stylish

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