Monzen-nakacho: Historical spot – the heart of Tokyo.

The environment around Monzen-nakacho has everything from convenience stores, pharmacies, banks, second-hand clothing stores, cafes, ethnic restaurants, and standing bars. This part of the city has a down to earth feeling to it, most attractions are priced reasonably, and the nightlife is pleasant for people who like bar-hopping and meeting new people.


Monzennakacho house is right in the heart of Tokyo in Koto-Ku where the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held. The area incorporates elements of a futuristic green city and modern Japanese living. There are many parks and waterways.

There are many tourist spots. Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine in Monzennakacho is famous as Edo’s largest Yawata. A shrine that has been deeply believed since ancient times, and has become a landmark. It is also famous as the birthplace of sumo, and visitors to the “Yokozuna Rikishi statue” and “Ozeki Rikishi monument” built in the temple entertain visitors.

While there, you can visit “Maiba Sketch”. The most famous tourist spot in the area is the Fukagawa Edo Museum. Some people may imagine a small exhibition facility when they hear “art museum,” but a realistic Edo city has been recreated. In the days when things were scarce, the city of Edo was full of various ideas. At the Fukagawa Edo Museum, you can learn about the wisdom of the people of Edo with careful guidance from guides! Just walk in the lively atmosphere and get excited! There’s also the Museum of Contemporary Art.

There are many interesting shops around Monzen-Nakamachi Station, including Japanese sweets, pickles, Fukakawa rice, boiled food, jewelry, Edo accessories, and small restaurants. There are also many shops where you can drink at any time of the day. There’s the Akafudadō Supermarket, Ito-Yokado store and Fukagawa Nakamachi Shopping Street as well. Only a station away is Kiyosumi-Shirakawa also known as “coffee town”.


Monzennakacho house is a modern Japanese home dedicated to providing you with a comfortable and truly unique stay in Tokyo. It was recently converted from an Airbnb guest house so the rooms, facilities, and equipment are all in excellent condition.

This is a reinforced concrete house. All the rooms have wide windows, bringing in the soft light in the morning. There’s a kitchen, living room, two toilets, two shower rooms, and a balcony. You can chill or barbeque on the rooftop while looking at Tokyo Skytree.  

The house is equipped with wifi, a flat-screen TV, a washer, and dryer. The Kitchen has a modern Japanese stove, a microwave oven, refrigerator, and a coffee machine. With all this equipment available to you, you can now impress your housemates with your culinary skills


At the monthly house meeting led by the house manager, housemates can discuss the distribution of cleaning duties and house rules over dinner. Sometimes another sharehouse can join in. We can all catch up on each other’s lives. Communication is always possible. There is a LINE group for the housemates and house manager. This is a cozy and peaceful house where housemates can all get along and escape the hustle and bustle of city life in Tokyo.


  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Balcony
  • Shower room and lavatories
  • Wireless wifi & Cable
  • Washing machine


From nearest stations:

  • Monzennakacho station 9 min by walk (Oedo, Tozai line)

From main stations:

  • Asakusa station 16 min by train;
  • Tokyo 10 min;
  • Shinjuku 28 min;
  • Ginza 10 min;
  • Shibuya 25 min

Surrounding area:

  • Convenience store (2 min); Library(2min), supermarket (7 min); lots of parks, post office, temple


Floor Map


Rent list

Room numberAvailabilityRoom typeSize(jo)Rent(yen)



  1. Yaguchi-nowatashi: Spacious, fuzzy, and mood lifts!

  2. Sanno: Simple and cozy – sharehouse in the historical town of Meiji Period

  3. Eifuku 3: Lovely “Sunflower” house

  4. Myogadani: Elegant town of Bunkyo Ward

  5. Kami-kitazawa: The mix of traditional and modern style – Great access to Shinjuku & Shibuya!

  6. Come on UP Ogikubo house: Laid-back town with plenty of conveniences

  7. Asakusa(Kuramae): Cultural downtown of folks

  8. Yukigaya: Stylish triangle brick-made share house – Great access to Gotanda and Kamata area

  9. Jiyugaoka: Fancy & fashionable – sharehouse in little Europe town