Myogadani: Elegant town of Bunkyo Ward

Myogadani: Center of Tokyo, Surrounded by shops, restaurants and green parks.


Being located on a major road gives the sharehouse many perks such as being close to many shops, stores, and restaurants. There are many shops around the station, including supermarkets and restaurants.

The front of the station is very lively, but as you enter the main street, you will find hideaway-style restaurants and bars, and fashionable cafes. There are several cities in the surrounding area that are quite safe and fun because of the large number of students from the nearby universities. Of course, some local workers also live in the area.

You can visit the park, library, or tennis court. Famous landmarks such as the Koishikawa Korakuen and Koishikawa Botanical Garden  are just a short walk away from the sharehouse.


 The share house is in a high-rise building on the fourth and fifth floor. You can walk up the stairs for exercise or use the elevator. The fourth floor has common areas and four bedrooms but the fifth floor has three bedrooms, a sink, and a lavatory.

Residents can retreat to the tranquility of their spacious house and private rooms or they can choose to overlook the hustle and bustle of the city streets below from their windows or balconies. 

With its white interior of the living room, the brick wall in the kitchen, and the wooden panels at the entrance; each area of ​​the house has its unique feel that serves to enhance the overall space.


The residents’ occupation range from online marketing coordinators and entrepreneurs to university students. The countries where the residents come from are equally broad in range.

You can learn about different cultures and maybe even improve your language skills. 

Come on UP staff and housemates work together to create a house where the people live happily. Everyone has chores and they are discussed at the monthly house meeting with the house manager. That is also the time to eat and hang out with each other.


  •  Fully loaded kitchen 
  • Cable and flat screen TV 
  • Wireless internet 
  • Washing machine 
  • Extra storage space


From nearest stations:

  • Myogadani station 2 min by walk (Tokyo-Metro Marunouchi line)

Access to the main stations:

  • Ikebukuro station 4 min by train;
  • Tokyo station 12 min by train;
  • Shinjuku station 15 min by train;
  • Ginza station 15 min by train;
  • Shibuya station 20 min by train

Surrounding area:

Convenience store (1 min); supermarket (2 min); 100 yen shop, lots of parks and library, etc…



Rent list

Room numberAvailabilityRoom typeSize(jo)Rent(yen)



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  5. Todoroki: Artistry traditional Japanese house

  6. Kami-kitazawa: The mix of traditional and modern style – Great access to Shinjuku & Shibuya!

  7. Eifukucho 2: Borderless artistic house

  8. Sumiyoshi: International house in the ancient Tokyo’s downtown!

  9. Come on UP KiKi Ogikubo: ✩Eco Sharehouse✩ Green living space inside Tokyo.