Nishi Eifuku: Adorable classic interior house! Easy access to Shibuya & other parts of Tokyo


With Inokashira line, the access to Shibuya is very easy. The house is located in the very quiet and safe neighborhood and it is also the perfect environment for people who enjoy jogging or walking. By the Kanda River, you can enjoy cherry blossoms in the spring and cool greenery in the summer. Additionally, a park-like green path is maintained. You can feel relaxed and one with nature even when commuting to work or school.


Our neighborhood house “Ogikubo KIKI Sharehouse” has been working towards a zero waste sharehouse. We’re also looking for housemates to pursure together to make this Nishieifuku house more sustainable too! If you’re interested in learning the Japanese way of shopping/cooking sustainably, and sharing with us what you know to live waste free, our sharehouse will be perfect! Please visit our blog here:))


Residents are in their twenties or thirties, very friendly and will be happy to help you if you’re new to Japan, or learning Japanese. Sometimes they eat together after work or watch movies together. It is a home where you can choose to enjoy your private space or have a conversation with your housemate in the living room.

The living room has a sofa and a TV. You can experience the seasons change from the small garden next to the living room. The house’s nickname “Hidamari” was named after this warm and comfortable image. All private rooms have locks.


At the monthly house meeting, residents and I prepare cooking seasonal dishes such as oden, tacos, and hand-rolled sushi. We also establish a regular cleaning system for residents as well as sort out the trash. The house is always clean and comfortable.

Please visit our Nishi Eifuku house!


  • Fully loaded kitchen 
  • Nice back garden 
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Wireless internet & cable
  • Washing machine 
  • Bicycle parking area


From nearest stations:

  • Nishi-Eifuku 9 min walk.
  • Hamadaiyama 12 min walk.
  • (Keio Line Station: Kamikitazawa 15 min walk.

From main stations:

  • 13 minutes to Shibuya Station,
  • 11 minutes to Kichijoji Station

Surrounding area:

Scenic river 1 minute, convenience store etc. at station, etc…


Floor Map


Rent list

Room numberAvailabilitRoom typeSizeRent
101FranceWestern11.2sq m74,000yen
102VacantWestern7.2sq m61,000yen
201VacantWestern7.2sq m60,000yen
202VacantWestern7.2sq m64,000yen
203U.K.Western9.6sq m70,000yen
204FranceWestern9.6sq m69,000yen



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