Nishi-Yokohama: Charming house of Green and Sunlight scenic

Komorebi is Japanese for “sunshine filtering through leaves”. This is what you will see while living at Nishi-Yokohama sharehouse.


5 mins away from Nishiyokohama station to the busy and lively, famous destination of Yokohama station, Nishi-Yokohama House is fulfilled with a sense of peacefulness. Locating on a mid-hill road, the view from the house is just like a manga scene in the real life, where the winds rise through and the sunshine soak in, creating a refreshing feeling once you walk in the front gate.


This house features a bright and open living area. Everything is decorated simply with bright modern furniture which gives it a spacious and welcoming feeling. As you walk into the main area past the ‘genkan’ there is a large open space with several couches and two large sliding doors which fill the room with sunlight, which you can use to access the large garden area in the back of the house.

Beyond this area, you will find the kitchen which also has plenty of room and sunlight coming in through the windows. The kitchen is equipped with modern appliances; a stove, rice cooker, microwave, and toaster oven, and is beautifully decorated with simple yet charming modern design so it doesn’t feel crowded or small. 

Next to the spacious kitchen, unique organic house, where tenants are free to have their own veggie growing space. Tomatoes, eggplants, lemon grass, green pepper, cucumber or even some cute flowers are now taking cared by our housemates, who enjoy the green and healthy lifestyle.

A corner of the back garden

On the first floor, there is a washroom with a sink, toilet, and bathroom with a large Japanese style bath which can be automatically heated from a panel outside the room. Here you will also find the washing machine. Up the wooden stairs to the second floor, there is a small washroom equipped with a toilet and sink. On this floor, there are also several private rooms, two of which have shared access to the second-floor balcony.

In this house, it is easy to feel at home and at peace. You can relax on one of the couches in the sunlit main living area, or if you need some fresh air you always have easy access to the private garden area.  There’s even room to hang a hammock from the trees outside.


Housemates are responsible for keeping the house clean so everyone will rotate weekly chores. At the monthly house meeting with the house manager, housemates will discuss how duties are distributed and how they want their sharehouse to be. So please make sure to attend the house meeting and create an environment that suits you! Please let us know if you would like to experience the house.

The house is usually be chosen as the best place for events, like BBQ or meet up parties between our housemates, and people are free to invite their friends coming. We use our vegetables that are grown in the garden, and it’s all ready for a healthy, safe and organic meals. Coming back home after a long day from work, Nishi-Yokohama house a mean of relaxation from anxieties. Couches in the large living room is perfectly perfect with some old time music, imagine sitting in a beautiful prairie with sunshine floating in, you will soon love being in this house.

Housemates are responsible for keeping the house clean so everyone rotates the weekly chores. At the monthly house meeting with the house manager, housemates will discuss how duties are distributed and any concerns they have.


  • Fully loaded kitchen 
  • Flat screen TV and other gadgets
  • Wireless internet 
  • Washing machine 
  • Small loft
  • Garden
  • Jet bath tab 
  • Bicycle parking space


From nearest stations:

  • Sagamihara Line(Soutetsu-sen) 11mins away
  • Nishiyokohama station 11 mins away

Access to the main stations:

  • 3 min to JR Yokohama station,
  • 30 min to JR Shinagawa station,
  • 40 min to JR Shibuya station,
  • 50 min to JR Shinjuku station

Surrounding area:

4 min away to Convenience store, 11 min to the nearest station, to the market street takes 5 min


Floor map

Floor map – Nishiyokohama share house


Rent list

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