Osaka Midoribashi: Grand and very spacious

Share house atmosphere

From the sliding door at the entrance to the entrance with the residents of Osaka and the traditional architect from Osaka. From the sliding door at the entrance to the entrance to the entrance to the Japanese style roof, you can see the de

The rooms vary from Japanese to western style.

We hope that a variety of people will come together from all over the world.

They are enjoying their lives in Japan. They are in their tweets and all working professions. Today’s residents are from Japan, America, Germany and Rwanda.

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 Fully loaded kitchen with a refrigerator /washing machine 

microwave oven and a ricecooker

There is a flat screen cableTV 

wireless internet washing machine 

and a classical Japanese bath


from nearest station

1 minute walk to Midoribashi Station (Chuo line/Imazatosuji line)

from main station

Tanimachi 6 chome: 8 minutes, Shinsaibashi: 13 minutes, Namba 15 minutes

surrounding area

1 min walk to a Supermarket (Konomiya), 2 min to a convenience store (Lawson & Sunkus), 5 min to the shopping area




Room numberAvailabilityRoom typeSizeRent
101JapanWestern8sq m46,000yen
102JapanWestern7.2sq m43,000yen
201JapanWestern8sq m49,000yen
202JapanWestern7.2sq m44,000yen
203JapanWestern8.8sq m50,000yen
204VacantWestern11.2sq m52,000yen
205JapanWestern14.4sq m58,000yen



  1. Osaka Shin-Osaka 8: Messages on a black board “SOLA”

  2. Osaka Senriyama 2: Highly elegant and stylish

  3. Osaka Miyakojima: Humming carols in the park

  4. Come on UP Osaka Awaji 4.4.2020 Brand New Open!

  5. Come on UP Toyonaka Sakura

  6. Osaka Senriyama: Classic Japanese house with garden

  7. Shin-Osaka: A share house within a building “AKA”

  8. Osaka Toyonaka: Japanese culture friendly house