Come On UP Shimokitazawa: The sharehouse of inspirations!

Come on UP Shimokitazawa sharehouse has both international and Japanese residents who have experienced being overseas. Thus, there is no struggle at all to communicate between housemates. Many of the residents have interesting stories from around the world, and it’s just a cultural mecca of tenants.


The streets of Shimokitazawa are lined with vibrant windows and are known for their unique subcultures surrounding music, theater, fashion, food, etc. There are many secondhand shops between the house and the station. There are also many fashionable cafes.

It’s the perfect area not only for shopping but also for strolling. Recently, many foreign tourists have expressed interest in the area. With countless shops, bars and restaurants, Shimokitazawa has become a popular and lively more than ever. The Shimokitazawa sharehouse, however, is in a quiet residential area.

There are also numerous parks, museums, and colleges nearby. The popular Sangenjaya area is only about ten minutes away by bus. You can take the train easily and quickly reach Shibuya and Shinjuku.


The third-floor living room is characterized by a green rug and brown furniture. It is a very peaceful and welcoming space where residents from various countries can socialize. Especially at night, you can see the Shinjuku skyline from the large windows. You can also watch movies using the screen and projector. There is even a ladder that connects to the attic. 


Currently, more than half of the residents are non-Japanese. The friendly and cozy atmosphere makes it easy for new residents to feel at home. 

Come on Up sharehouse residents share the garbage and cleaning responsibilities. At the monthly house meeting with the house manager, everyone gathers together to cook, eat, and talk. 


  • Fully loaded kitchen
  • Cables and wireless internet
  • Screen projector and flat-screen TV (living room)
  • Washing machine
  • Bathrooms and lavatories
  • Bicycle parking area

Floor Plan



From nearest stations:

  • 5 min walk to Higashi-Kitazawa station; 7 min walk to Shimo-Kitazawa station

Access to city center:

  • 6 min to Shibuya; 9 min to Shinjuku

Surrounding area

  • Shimokitazawa 2 min walk, supermarket, 2 min walk to the park, 5 min walk to downtown Shimokitazawa


Rent list

Room numberAvailabilityRoom typeSizeRent
101VacantWestern6.4sq m¥64,000
201VacantWestern10.4sq m¥86,000
202VacantWestern8.0sq m¥76,000
203VacantWestern5.6sq m¥66,000
301BelgianWestern6.4sq m¥69,000
302VacantWestern5.6sq m¥67,000
401FrenchWestern7.2sq m¥75,000



  1. Kami-kitazawa: The mix of traditional and modern style – Great access to Shinjuku & Shibuya!

  2. Yukigaya: Stylish triangle brick-made share house – Great access to Gotanda and Kamata area

  3. Monzen-nakacho: Historical spot – the heart of Tokyo.

  4. Sumiyoshi: International house in the ancient Tokyo’s downtown!

  5. Todoroki: Artistry traditional Japanese house

  6. KIKI Ogikubo:✩Eco Sharehouse✩ Green living space inside Tokyo.

  7. Komazawa-daigaku: International house in young lively town, Shibuya in cycling distance.

  8. Eifukucho: Pleasant Japanese style courtyard

  9. Nishi Eifuku: Adorable classic interior house! Easy access to Shibuya & other parts of Tokyo