Shin-Osaka: A share house within a building “AKA”

Furthermore, there are grocery stores and home improvement stores closeby which are useful for not having to walk too far away, also there is a “Bento” store for some fast lunch during the day. The sharehouse itself is in a office building in which you also have acces to the working space floor which you can use perfectly for online working or spending time on your own projects.


The Shin-Osaka Shared house “AKA” Is located in the centre city of Osaka. Closeby you can reach the Shin-Osaka station, which connects easily to most places in Osaka and is just a 30 minute ride to Kyoto. Shin Osaka offers excellent connections to the rest of Osaka as well as famous places like Kyoto, a mere 30 minutes away by train .


The house space is stylistically divided between The 6th  and 8th  floor of the building.One floor is a “sum WA” type, which means it makes use of a lot of traditional materials. It gives off that typical Japanese feeling.

The other floor has a more modern style and resident dorms all have a message message board to make communication and self expression more fluid.


 Fully loaded kitchen /cable /wireless internet /washing machine 

access to co-working space with printers


from nearest station

Shin-Osaka station 5 min by walk (Midosuji/JR Kyoto line),Higashi-Mikuni station 6 min by walk (Midosuji line),

from main

stationUmeda/Osaka stations 5 min by train; Namba station 15 min, Kyoto station 25 min,

surrounding area

1 min walk to convenience store, 5 min walk to supermarket



Floor map

Rent list

Room numberAvailabilityRoom typeSize(jo)Rent(yen)



  1. Osaka Senriyama 2: Highly elegant and stylish

  2. Osaka Senriyama: Classic Japanese house with garden

  3. Come on UP Toyonaka Sakura

  4. Osaka Midoribashi: Grand and very spacious

  5. Toyonaka Osaka : Traditional Japanese Share House

  6. Come on UP Osaka Awaji 4.4.2020 Brand New Open!

  7. Osaka Miyakojima: Humming carols in the park

  8. Osaka Shin-Osaka 8: Messages on a black board “SOLA”