Osaka Toyonaka: Japanese culture friendly house


This house is also a special because it is an “age-friendly share house” in the hopes to share in not only the Toyonaka area has a tradition of tea ceremony and many shops in the area Anyone who loves living in this share house with a cross-cultural, but also a cross-generational living environment, where everyone can share in past experiences and also makes new ones.

House this

new share house seeks to offer its residents a true Japanese
experience. The house is 2 stops away from Umeda station on the express train.


 Fully loaded kitchen with a refrigerator 

microwave oven and ricecooker.

There is a flat screen cable TV wireless internet

 washing machine 

and bicycle parking area.


from nearest station

Toyonaka station 10 min by foot (Hankyu-Takarazuka line)

from main station

15 min by train to Hankyu Umeda

stationsurrounding area

Grocery store, Convenience store, TSUTAYA bookstore, Park, Toyonaka-Shrine



Floor map

Rent list

Room numberAvailabilityRoom typeSizeRent
101VacantWestern8.96sq m47,000yen
102JapanWestern7.68sq m45,000yen
103JapanWestern9.6sq m51,000yen
104VacantWestern7.36sq m44,000yen
201VacantWestern8sq m47,000yen
202VacantJapanese10.88sq m52,000yen



  1. Osaka Midoribashi: Grand and very spacious

  2. Osaka Shin-Osaka 8: Messages on a black board “SOLA”

  3. Come on UP Osaka Awaji 4.4.2020 Brand New Open!

  4. Osaka Miyakojima: Humming carols in the park

  5. Enishi: Historical downtown with many beautiful waterways @ Kyoto Fushimi

  6. Osaka Senriyama: Classic Japanese house with garden

  7. Shin-Osaka: A share house within a building “AKA”

  8. Kyoto Yamashina: Life with a garden

  9. Osaka Senriyama 2: Highly elegant and stylish