Yaguchi-nowatashi: Spacious, fuzzy, and mood lifts!

If you are looking for a nice, quiet, and typical Japanese neighborhood but close to the city center or shopping street, look no further, Yaguchi no Watashi is the place to live!


A magazine published that Yaguchi no Watashi is the number one town to live in. It is close to Haneda Airport and close to two other stations. Local shops include a twenty-four-hour supermarket, restaurants, and convenience stores. My favorite place is the public bath called “Kusatsu-yu” near the house. There is even a sauna when you want to spoil yourself.


The monthly house meeting led by the house manager, housemates can discuss the distribution of cleaning duties and house rules over dinner. We can all catch up on each other’s lives. Tenants and the house managers are connecting through LINE, and our managers are always ready to support our mates.

This house is recommended for the first-timer sharehouse residents. Please consider visiting Yaguchi no Watashi House!

Optional plans        

  • Futon plan:

Residents are able to rent a futon (Japanese bedding) for 1,000 yen during month full-time contract.

  • Furniture plan:  

A furnished room is available for 3,000 yen during the full-length contract, this includes a futon (Japanese bedding), curtains, desk and chairs. Depending on the room, curtains, and a garbage bin will also be provided.

An additional charge will be applied if there is any damage or stains on the futon and / or furniture.


  • Fully equipped kitchen and oven 
  • Flat screen TV 
  • Wireless internet 
  • Washing machine 
  • Extra storage spaces
  • Bicycle parking area.


From nearest stations:

  • Yaguchinowatashi station (4 min walk);
  • Kamata station (1 min train);
  • Tamagawa (5 min train)

From main stations:

  • Yokohama (20 min);
  • Shibuya (26 min);
  • Tokyo Station (29 min);
  • Akihabara (33 min)

Surrounding area:

2 min walk to convenience store, public bath house (sentou), 4 min walk to post office, restaurants, bars, 24 hour supermarket



Rent list

Room numberAvailabilityRoom typeSize(jo)Rent(yen)



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