Kyoto Yamashina: Life with a garden

Share house atmosphere

This share house located in Yamashina, which is one stop away from the JR Kyoto station. One of the features of this house is the garden spaces!

Yamashina explore and rest in our garden.

You can looking over the garden from the living room, so you can experience the four seasons of Japan.

Would you like to grow crops or flowers on this huge garden together?

Come on here, let’s enjoy cooking with croped vegetables.

Everyone is warm hearted and welcoming.


Kyoto Station is a 10-minute train ride, and Osaka Station is a new rapid 30 minutes.

You only have to ride one train so you can enjoy both Osaka and Kyoto easily ♪

If you wanted to live in a share house, this house might be the best fit for you!



Rent list

Room numberAvailabilityRoom typeSizeRent
101VacantWestern17.6sq m53,000yen
102JapanJapanese12.8sq m43,000yen
103VacantWestern16sq m46,000yen
201JapanWestern11.2sq m42,000yen
202VacantJapanese7.2sq m38,000yen



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