How To Apply for a Sharehouse If You Stay Short-Term in Japan (less than 6 months)

Are you looking for short term accommodations in Tokyo, Osaka, or Kyoto? If you’re coming to Japan to work/study/travel and staying only for a couple of months, sharehouse is still a great way to interact with local and multinational friends! ComeonUP sharehouse accepts short term tenants too, why don’t you join our warm, welcoming community? Here’s how you can apply;

(If you’d stay longer than 6 months, please check our normal contract procedure here)



3.House/Room assigned


Initial Cost

*1 When you apply: Retainer fee 30,000yen (non refundable)

*2 Before moving-in: Total costs including the total amount of rent + utility fees




There’re two types of rent based on the room size;

-A Grade: 80,000yen/m (approx. 10-13sqm)
-B Grade: 70,000yen/m (approx. 8-10sqm)

You can choose the preferred area to move into, but may not be able to choose the house/room, it’ll be selected by ComeonUP based on the availability etc.


Security Deposit (non-refundable)

-30,000yen (This will be required during the application period. If you decide to cancel, we will deduct Cancellation fee and refund the rest to you)


Utility Fee

the utility fee includes water, gas, electricity, internet and common things.
Twice a year or on the move-out date, we will calculate the total utility cost. If the total utility cost of the house exceeds the total utility deposit, the tenants will be asked to pay for the outstanding amount.


If you’d stay with us longer than 6 months, please follow our normal application process.

If you’d like to have a viewing or have any questions, please contact us from here!



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