My Share House Experience at Come on UP’s Midoribashi Share House (Osaka)

Dear readers,

I’m back again to share one of my stories about living in Japan. As you might have known I have started working at Come on UP this past September and have stayed in one of their share houses during this time. That share house being the Re:Midoribashi house that is located near Midoribashi station in Osaka. Because I have stayed in the share house for quite a few months already, I thought it would be appropriate to share my share house experiences with you.

Well, starting of at the first day that I moved in. Moving into a new house is a thrilling experience and made me scared in the beginning, especially moving into a house that is full of strangers. Thoughts about whether they would like me, if I could fit in and if have enough privacy while living there occurred. My worries were long gone when I arrived at the house and the kind share mates helped me immediately with all my heavy luggage, as well as explaining everything about the house to me. During that day I hadn’t eaten a lot because I was way too busy and stressed about moving. Good thing is that right after I’ve arrived the share mates were cooking together and we ended eating together. Not a bad first impression I must say!

I must say that during my stay here, I’ve eaten a lot. My fellow residents love to cook and we often have dinner together. They also love to do activities together. In the beginning of October we went to a baseball game, which was by the way my first game ever! Although I am personally not that interested in baseball, I still had a great time together with my share mates.


Despite having a lot of fun with my share mates, I still have a lot private time and privacy. Something that I personally enjoy a lot. We only spend time together every once in a while, so it does not feel like we don’t have any time to rest. Everybody has a different background, a different occupation and a different lifestyle. All while living under the same roof. Living at a share house definitely gave me many fun experiences and created many opportunities for me to network with different people.


I greatly enjoy my time while living at Midoribashi share house and I highly recommend everyone who wants to build their network to try living at a share house too.


For now I will enjoy the rest of my time in Midoribashi!



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