New Come on UP Campaign: Don’t let the trash stop you!

Come on UP asked our residents what the biggest obstacle is when moving out!

We found out that one of the biggest obstacles when moving out of an apartment is to get trash items, which you don’t want to bring to your next house. In Japan it is quite difficult to dispose of trash and items as there are strict rules regarding this matter. In Japan trash needs to be separated and items bigger than 30 cm need to be picked up a by a truck. This means that when moving usually items like desks, futons and clothing racks need to be thrown away but the costs to throw these items away could rise up to 800 yen per item.

This makes it difficult for people to make the decision to move houses. However, Come On UP has a limited solution for this problem! When you decide to move into a Come on UP share house and you have items that need to be picked up by the trash, save the receipts of the garbage stickers! When you apply to one of our share houses we will deduct the total amount of garbage stickers from your initial cost. This way you don’t have to worry about the high costs of throwing away your garbage when moving to our share house!

Apply now and Come on UP to one of our share houses.

– Come on Up




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