About COVID 19 ver2

Based on the coronavirus situation that is still spreading, we will take the following measures in addition to the content which we delivered in  March. Affecting period: April – May6th, 2020

<About mutual measures in the house>

First, wash, clean and ventilate your house to keep it clean. (Hypochlorous acid water was distributed as a disinfecting solution to each house. It seems that something other than alcohol disinfection can be devised that has a similar effect.) When sneezing or coughing, cover with a handkerchief or arm to prevent scattering.

If you want to do a more thorough quarantine, please contact us as some of our partner companies have rental studios. And if you are sick because you are concerned about infection

・ When the symptoms of a cold or fever of 37.5 degrees or more continue for 4 days or more

・ If you have strong drooling (malaise) or breathlessness (dyspnea)

Please contact the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “Returnee and Contact Center”

Tokyo: 03-5320-4592 Yokohama City: 045-550-5530

Osaka: 06-6647-0641 Toyonaka City 06-6151-2603 Kyoto City 075-414-4726


With the current situation, anyone can be infected with COVID-19.  It is important that our share house is the environment where people can report themselves quickly rather than being afraid to be hold guilty.  It is a global issue, and debating who is at fault is meaningless. As soon as we receive a report, Come on UP are prepared to assist promptly with medical and government instruction.  And we ask everyone in the house to collaborate. The following is the instruction from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for people living with the person with infection (or suspicion)


(this link is in Japanese.  Here is some English material https://www.mhlw.go.jp/stf/seisakunitsuite/bunya/kenkou_iryou/dengue_fever_qa_00014.html)

Already, many houses are taking measures against COVID-19 themselves throughout the house. For example, refrain from going out on  non-essentials, avoid having guests. Also to keep the Social Distance in the house, adjust the time of using the kitchen, and of there are some people in the living room at the same time, to be sitting diagonally.  Some houses hold house meetings online. 

With this situation, stress can easily accumulate, it is our wish that the share house to be where you can share ideas and information with housemates, prevent isolation, and relax a little.

<About COU Residents’ Emergency Plan for COVID-19>

Come on UP set up following plans for the current situation. If you are interested, contact support@comeonup-house.com for more information.

1) Countermeasure plan: If you have a project that will help your house life, share culture, improve the community, or contribute to society, please propose it. It is a plan to partner and invest in Come on UP.

    Partner example) Haniwa Forest Share Forest: A former resident of Osaka, a community revitalizer in the outback of Okayama, and volunteers are developing campsites in nature. He offers Come on UP resident who has lost work due to COVID-19 and can provide place to stay if one can do on-site help for 5 to 6 hours a day.

2) Relief plan: If you have been fired or have lost a significant amount of income due to the effects of corona, and if you are in good standing of rent payment for at least past half a year, this is the rent loans plan without interest.

3) Temporary Moving Credit Plan: If residents who have to return home temporarily due to COVID-19, normally require 30 days notification, but they can save the remaining rent amount as a credit for 3 year.  We will reserve and apply for rent when you return to Japan. We can also reserve the deposit too. (The contract period can be counted continuously after returning to Japan, and if it is over one year in total, it will not be subject to the 30,000 yen security deposit amortization)

<About House Showing>

For new inquiries, we will introduce houses through Web information sessions.  For doing so, we may shoot video of the house. There are many people who want to know the atmosphere of housemates, so we would like to ask for your photos and the profile if possible. 

<About moving in>

New housemates should report cities he/she has been in the past 14 days. For example, those who have entered or returned from overseas, we ask them to move in only after 14 days of landing. In addition, we have them understand that Come on UP share house takes anti-virus measures, and ask them to agree to live according to these guidelines.  Before moving in, one should take temperatures, and there are any concerns on health or situations, one should not think that the share house is the only place to be, but Come on UP will introduce some place temporarily to see if his/her condition settles.

<COU Staff>

We instruct our staff to limit going out as much as possible, and in April, we will work from home. As for house maintenance, instead of doing routine checking, we will do only necessary maintenance when reported by residents.   In addition, it is important for the staff to maintain immunity to keep supporting our houses, so please understand that we try to work within our office hours, unless it is in emergencies. (10: 00-19: 00, closed on Wednesday) Please note that replies to e-mail and group lines will be made during office hours. We also participate in house meetings, etc. on the Web, and if they are held outside of regular hours, staff takes a break to make up the hours spent.  The staff are working on shift time bases, so please contact the company’s resident support window for problems or concerns, and not to contact individuals, such as a house manager.

Line:  Tokyo & Yokohama @ 832mjiqz,   Osaka & Kyoto @ 886qgltv

Email:  support@ comeonup-house.com

In order to support everyone’s daily life, it is important that the staff themselves are in good physical condition first, so please understand.

Now, COVID-19 is the global issue, and

we are all in this together!

There will be peaceful days beyond this difficult mountain.

Let’s make better actions and choices for a better future.