About COVID 19

Dear Come on UP customers and friends,

Thank you for using Come on UP.

The news of the coronavirus is circulating every day, and we believe that our mission as a share house operator is to support safe “everyday living”. We will take the following measures to ensure the health and safety of customers, staff and related persons.

■ Avoid the coronavirus spread

Based on the announcement made by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, we will call for general infectious disease control and health management.

・ Do not take cough, sneeze, do not give to people (2m facing)

・ If you touch your hand, mouth, or nose with a hand with saliva, runny nose, etc., the possibility of infection will increase (there is a possibility of catching through a strap, etc.)

As specific measures,

1) Hand wash

Based on proper hand washing practices by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, hand wash soap will be placed in all share houses and offices, and calls for hand washing when entering and leaving.

2) Ventilation

Ventilate all share houses and offices. (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to prevent outbreaks)

There seems to be a method of humidifying by putting sterilized water into a humidifier. Example of adding hypochlorous acid water to a humidifier

3) Avoid crowds

Avoid going to crowded places if possible. (2m facing)

4) Improve immunity

Make sure you have enough sleep and a balanced diet to increase your immunity.

■ About staff, preview, guest

Our staff members ensure that the above preventive measures are taken, avoid commuting during rush hours, participate in meetings and other Web sites, and work at home (during March).

Regarding the preview, if you have symptoms such as cough or fever (37.5 degrees or more), we will guide you through the web and photos instead of visiting. In addition, those who stayed within 14 days in the countries targeted for border measures announced by the government have determined that there is no visit preview because entry itself is restricted.

As for house guests, if you have symptoms such as cough or fever, please refrain from doing so and take measures to prevent infection.

■ To make right action

With so much information coming and going through news and SNS, it is important to make decisions based on the right information.

For example, regarding masks, masks are important tool for preventing the spread of those who already have the virus. And not so effective on preventing infection. Therefore, we do not recommend purchasing unlawfully mask of illegal resellers or on  auction site. There are people who really need masks at medical or welfare facilities. On the other hand, we like idea such as making their own reusable mask using their handkerchiefk or respect people who want to maintain a certain distance with other people. If our staff is doing something like that, I hope you understand.

Regarding the status of coronavirus, this data from Johns Hopkins University, a world-renowned medicine, is easy to understand, with daily updates on the number of infected, dead and recovered people in various places. 


Lastly, the principal of Volta High School in Milan, the world’s first school closed in the world, often learned from letters addressed to students. The principal recommends reading a good book “just because it’s confused now”, and spells in classical literature during the 17th century plague epidemics “like reading a newspaper today.” “ Looking at foreigners as dangerous … downplaying experts, hunting suspected infections, being tossed by hoaxes, trying stupid treatment, buying necessities and fishing, and falling into a medical crisis ” It seems that he is. “Unlike the 17th century plague epidemic, we have medicine that is certain and evolving today. To protect society and humanity, these are our most precious assets, civilized and rational Let’s think hard. “

A full-text translation can be found on this blog.