Sharehouse Kitchen Hack : Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar

Our Ogikubo KIKI house has been working towards becoming the first zero waste sharehouse in Tokyo! As a member of this sharehouse, one of my main goals here is to create “compost” system, but why not using the food scraps before throwing them into compost bins? Remember that “compost” should be the last thing in the recycling 5R’s rule?

Now, I’m making apple cider vinegar (ACV) from apple cores. Let me share the easy recipe with you. ACV has “good” bacteria that improves gut health. ACV can be used to make salad dressings or substitute plain vinegar, and also can be face toner or flea repellent for dogs and cats!

What You Need:

– Apple peels and cores
– Filtered water
– Sugar (1tbsp sugar: 1cup water)

– A jar
– A piece of cotton clothes or a coffee filter
– A rubber band


1. Put apple peels and cores into the jar, filling about 3/4.
2. Add sugar and filtered water to the jar. Water should completely cover the apples to avoid mold to grow.
3. Stir the apples, sugar, and water and cover with a cotton clothes or a coffee filter. Secure with a rubber band.
4. Allow apples to sit in a dark place for about 2 weeks. You need to check your jar often, and if your scraps float to the top of the jar, push it down.
5. After 1-2 weeks, you might notice some bubbles. Then strain the apple scraps and compost. Again sit the apple cider vinegar at room temperature for another 2 weeks or so.
6. Taste test the vinegar. When it’s done, you can stop the fermentation process by replacing the coffee filter with a secure lid and store it in the fridge.

That’s it! When you use your ACV as face toner or cleaner, mix with filtered water (ACV:water = 1:1 ~ 2:1). Enjoy!


my homemade ACV & apple jam


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