Todoroki Garden Makeover

Over the past few weeks, multiple Come on Up staff have been working on making sure our properties are keeping fresh and clean for everyone. Last week we tackled the Todoroki house.

Built in the 1960’s, our Todoroki house can take up to 9 tenants and provides plenty of natural light in a quiet residential area.

To give it a fresh look, the garden has been completely renovated making it perfect to relax outdoors in spring and summer.

Artificial grass has been installed, alongside plenty of flowers being planted around the edges. Old tree stumps have been turned into modern outdoor seating. And for an added touch, solar lights have been placed to really give it a magical atmosphere at night. With the new look we are confident this will become a wonderful place for everyone to relax outdoors. 

For anyone interested to come and check out our Todoroki House, simply send us a message and we are more than happy to show you around!

And for those interested to see more of our upcoming renovations, simply hit up out social media on Instagram or Facebook.    


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